Sustainability is at the heart of our homes.

Tarn Homes was partly borne out of the frustration of not seeing house builders moving with the times and delivering poor quality of workmanship. With the world focused on climate change, and the UK housing market in severe need of homes, why has housebuilding as an industry not yet stepped up to fulfil these needs and concerns? There are several reasons why, a number of which the industry cannot control, but a large amount that it can.

Modern methods of construction

In recent years a number of companies have turned to ‘Modern Methods of Construction’. MMC is a process which is focused on “off-site” construction. This might involve creating each floor of a house in the factory and shipping to site, or splitting the walls into structural insulated panels to be delivered to site and erected, for example.

MMC has been seen as a way of addressing the sustainability, efficiency and deliverability issues within the industry as it can speed up build by 30%, reduce costs by 25% and reduce both building waste and carbon footprint. It enables security of the supply chain that allows for greater ethical purchasing.

Tarn have wholeheartedly embraced MMC as a construction method and are committed to using it wherever possible in our future developments.


Low energy homes

Low energy homes are not only beneficial for the planet, contributing to a reduction in global energy emissions, but they are also better for your pocket.

With energy prices rising and becoming an increasing burden on family incomes, the need for low energy homes has become even more important.

At Tarn Homes, we combine traditional and modern technology to create a better future.

Solar Panels

Where possible Tarn Homes’ properties have solar panels, either in panel, facade or tile form.


Where possible, the windows in our homes ensure a minimum 1.4W/m2K u-value. Many homes also include triple glazing to lower this u-value further.

U-values measure how well heat is transferred by windows into or out of the building. The lower the U-value, the more efficient the window.


The walls in our homes are made up of multiple layers including, insulation layers, sheathing board, breathing membrane and a render attached to further insulation. These help to retain both heat and energy.

Air Tightness

Due to the manufacturing process on schemes where a modular contractor is used, the consistency of a controlled building space means the air tightness meet a minimum of 2.5 m3/hr/m2 at 50Pa.